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Community Rules:

-001. Welcome to ontd_samcro. We are merely here to appreciate and admire the show as well as the cast. With that being said please keep the hate to the left outta here. Also, please be respectful to fellow members. Bashing of any kind will not be tolerated.

-002. Posting → First off check to see if what you’re posting hasn’t been posted already. Being that this is a Sons of Anarchy community, please make all posts somewhat related to the show, it's characters and cast. Please make posts interactive if you are not going to be updating with any news or something (ex. dicussion posts/caption picture/etc). Videos, articles, pictures, news, etc. are of course welcome. By making the post interactive others can join in on the topic at hand and share their thoughts and opinions. Cite the source of all information. Also don’t forget to tag your entry and if you don't know what to tag it with, one of the mods will handle it.

-003. Spoilers and Lj-cuts → If you even think what you are posting could possibly be a spoiler, your safest bet is to place it under a lj-cut. Long articles and all pic spams should be placed under a cut accordingly.

-004. Fan art → We welcome graphics and fan art of any kind, as long as they have to do with the show and/or it's cast.

-005. Membership → acceptance to this community is moderated. If you've been rejected it's mostly likely because:

a. Your journal is relatively new. New accounts joining a moderated community usually indicate the account might be used for trolling.
b. You have no friends and/or no other communities.
c. You have a low comment count/relatively dead journal.
If you feel like you have unfairly been rejected please Page-a-Mod with your concerns.

-006. Want to promote a community within ontd_samcro? Have any questions/concerns? Please comment in the page a mod and a mod will contact you as soon as possible.

-007. Have fun!!!

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